Newmarket Motors Service Prices

Our approved Technicians will automatically check the follwing as part of a service or work carried out.

  • Oil and Filter Service
  • Software updates and product enhancements
  • Vacuum and Wash
  • Comprehensive Heath check
Guaranteed Service from Newmarket Motors
Ultimate Service
below 2ltr €299
below 2ltr petrol €340
above 2ltr €340
above 2ltr petrol €380
Classic Service

below 2ltr €189
above 2ltr €220
Commercial Ultimate Service
Crafter / Transporter T6 €380
Commercial Classic Service
Crafter / Transporter T6 €220
Caddy €189
Audi Ultimate Service€340
Repair or Replace
Wiper Blade Replacement €49
Replace Air Filter €39
Repair Brake Fluid €55
Replace Timing Belt and Water Pump
10 yrs and over€499
Under 10 yrs€529
Replace Rear Brake Pads** €99
Replace Front Brake Discs and Pads** €259
Replace Front Brake Pads** €119
Replace Fuel Filter €59
Replace Pollen Filter €25
Replace spark plugs €69**
National car Test Pre-Test €70
National car Test All Inclusive Test (includes actual test) €150

* *These prices may vary depending on Model and Year

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