Newmarket Motors Ltd Environmental Policy Statement

Newmarket Motors Ltd is a retailer of new and used Volkswagen passenger cars & Volkswagen commercial vehicles in Cork Ireland CITY/COUNTRY. We are also authorized repairers and conduct services for the Volkswagen brand.

This policy document applies to all operations and business activities of Newmarket Motors Ltd and is reviewed annually. Due to our close partnership with Volkswagen AG, it is closely aligned with Volkswagen’s Group Environmental Policy Statement as well as its Group Environmental Mission Statement „goTOzero“. We will transparently communicate this Environmental Policy Statement to both all our employees and our external stakeholders.

1. Our commitment

In view of global environmental challenges such as climate change and the decline in biodiversity, it is incumbent on all of us to take appropriate measures to protect our natural environment and thus our livelihood.

Therefore, also we as Newmarket Motors Ltd feel committed to this goal. The effective protection of the environment has a significant relevance on our economic performance and is part of our overall corporate responsibility. Taking a holistic view which encompasses the entire life cycle, our overarching objective is to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities to a minimum and provide sustainable mobility solutions for our customers. In addition to complying with legal requirements and official regulations, this, above all, includes our commitment to making our products, processes, sites and services continuously more environmentally compatible.

In particular, we focus on the following four impact areas:

Environmental Compliance

In our decision-making processes, we take environmental aspects associated with our activities into account and control them with prudent management, including regular management reviews and status updates.

Climate Change

We strive to continuously reduce our emissions and energy consumption. We achieve this through the reduction of our energy demands and conscious procurement and investment decisions. We support mobility concepts that are environmentally friendly and promote the usage of renewable energy sources whenever possible.


We promote biodiversity, minimizing our negative impact on flora and fauna and proactively working to prevent the pollution of our environment and any impairment that this may cause.


We are continuously and consistently increasing resource efficiency, especially through the reduction in the use of natural resources such as water and soil, and reducing our waste generation through avoidance, reduction, recycling, and reuse.

2. Our key principles

In the context of the commitment outlined above, we manage our activities according to the following principles:


Our managers at all organizational levels are aware of the environmental risks arising from their business activities. In both their actions and their words, they reinforce their commitment to conduct that complies with both the law and the company’s interests, and to being a role model in environmental matters. They are responsible for ensuring that the requirements described in this Environmental Policy Statement are implemented and complied with in their area of responsibility. Our managers make sure that all staff are informed, correctly trained and accountable for the tasks assigned to them. In their area of responsibility, they create an appropriate framework in which employees and business partners can communicate especially sensitive environmental issues openly and without fear of negative consequences. Our Management will consider environmental leadership with equal weight to other business criteria in key company decisions.


We comply with regulatory and legal requirements and act in accordance with our voluntary commitments, as well as our corporate standards and objectives. Our management approach ensures that ecological aspects and obligations in our business activities are identified and appropriately considered. Compliance with this Environmental Policy Statement and with Group environmental requirements will be annually evaluated and reported to the Management.

Stakeholder Collaboration

The involvement of our employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders is important to us. We want to improve our understanding of their environmental expectations and requirements. Stakeholder input is considered and reflected in our operations, products and services. We provide transparent and reliable information in our dialogue with and reporting to our stakeholders.

Continual improvement

As part of our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our entire operations and, therefore, improve our environmental performance, we commit to continual improvement of our environmental management. This includes monitoring and measuring progress and, if necessary, taking corrective measures. We always strive to achieve our objectives and exceed the expectations placed upon us.

Annette Browne


Newmarket Motors