Volkswagen Ireland Launches E-Mobility Tools

Find answers to commonly asked questions on electric vehicle ownership

Volkswagen Ireland has launched a range of new e-mobility tools on to help customers explore and understand the possibilities and benefits of electric vehicle ownership. These tools will address commonly asked questions such as “how far will I get?”, “how long does it take to charge?” and “how much do I save?”.

  • Range Simulator – Simulate your estimated electric vehicle range based on driving style, battery size and outside temperature
  • Charge Time Simulator – Simulate your estimated vehicle charging time based on your electric vehicle, charger type and outside temperature
  • Cost Simulator – Simulate the estimated cost of running an electric vehicle based on where you charge and how far you drive in a year – with direct comparison to the cost of fuel
  • Electric Vehicle Route Planner – Plan your journey using our online route planner, showing the locations of electric charging stations available along your trip

The feedback here at Newmarket Motors has been unanimously positive and we believe customers will find the tools extremely beneficial. They can be used by website visitors and also in showrooms via iPads.

E-Mobility Tools