Who is Personal Leasing for?

Until now, leasing has been just for businesses but now it’s available for everyone.

That means you have the opportunity to drive any Volkswagen tailored to your taste, with no upfront cost for just one easy monthly payment.

Who is the owner of my personal leasing vehicle?

Ownership is retained by VWFS. Therefore, the risks remain with VWFS and there are no residual issues for you.

What is my Personal Leasing contract term?

Your term can be anywhere from 12 - 48 months. It can be specific monthly intervals ie. 35, 36, 37 months.

What are the servicing and maintanence features of Personal Leasing?

In your Personal Leasing contract road tax is included and you have the option to add all your servicing and maintenance costs too:

  • Servicing covers all routine services and inspections recommended by the manufacturer (oil changes, filter replacements, brake fluid changes etc.).
  • Maintenance covers the components on the vehicle which are subject to wear and tear throughout the duration of your contract (wiper blades, brake pads and discs etc.).
  • You also have the option to include tyre replacements on your maintenance contract

What is my monthly rental payment?

Personal Leasing includes a fixed monthly rental payment so you know the cost from the start.

Your fixed monthly rental payment is due on the 1st or 15th of each month.

How do I activate or renew my Personal Leasing contract?

You activate your Personal Leasing contract with your preferred Dealership.

When you’re leasing directly from your Dealership, you benefit from that expertise and a level of service that is second to none.

Then at the end of your contract term, you can renew your contract at the Dealership.

What is my Personal Leasing mileage range?

The mileage range is 5km - 40km annually across vehicle types and fuel types (excludes electric vehicles).

How many contract modifications can I make?

You have Unlimited Contract Modifications (up to 6 months before end of contract)

  • Mileage (up to the maximum mileage of 240,000km)
  • Term (up to the maximum term of 48 months)
  • Services

Can I customise my personal leasing vehicle?

Yes, there's no restriction on what model or spec you decide to choose. Personalise your plan by agreeing the repayment period and annual mileage that suits you. All your costs included in one fixed monthly payment.

What is my upfront cost?

With Personal Leasing, there is no upfront cost required. Your monthly payment can be all inclusive, leaving you worry free. To manage your monthly rental you may at the start of your contract include up to 10% of the RRP, to reduce your monthly rental.