191 Offers

A new Volkswagen Van is more affordable than you imagined. Greater reliability, greater trade in value and greater finance options like PCP and low cost HP finance... combine these with a bonus choice of up to €4,000 scrappage or up to €4,000 savings and buying a new Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle becomes the smartest decision your business can make.

Order your 191 Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle before 31st December 2018 to avail of these great offers.

And for the first time, rather than tying up capital to buy a van, you can now Lease instead and put that cash to work for your business.

Volkswagen Commercial Leasing Company is dedicated to driving the success of Ireland’s companies through lower costs, better service and quality vehicles. Backed by Europe’s largest automotive manufacturer we are in a unique position to offer scalable solutions meaning we can always meet your business needs whether it’s one or one hundred vehicles. Learn how Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Leasing can transform your leasing needs.

Please Contact our Commercial Specialist for More information : 029 60100 or e-mail: info@newmarketmotors.ie