T-Roc. Self Assurance is in its genes.

Do you appreciate good design uniqueness? The Confident T-Roc stands out from the crowd with its expressive crossover design and countless customization options.

Leave a long-lasting impression

If you are looking for an expressiver design, countless customisation options and high-quality finishes rightdown to the last detail then the T-Roc is sure to impress

T-Roc Sport

Make an impression with the T-Roc Sport. In the trim line, the T-Roc impresses with plenty of athletic details, guaranteed to get any car fan's pulse racing.​

T-Roc Design

In the T-Roc, you can enjoy pleanty of design freedom, both for the body and the interior. Ideal for making sure your T-Roc reflects your personality to a T.

Stand out from the crowd.

Monotony and the T-Roc are two things that just don't go together. With the two-tone paintwork (black roof) available for the T-Roc Design, there is no doubting its style.

The T-Roc 'Design Pack' while allow you to choose a Pure White roof if preferred!

Designed to suit your lifestyle.

Comfortable and spacious, the T-Roc offers you plenty of space to bring your personality to life. Forward-thinking design elements add to this overall impression- along with countless optimisation options. As Individual as you are . Design the interior of the T-Roc in line with your personal tastes, adding an individual touch with coloured accents.

Avoid unnecessary stress.

The T-Roc was designed with a number of systems designed to assist you in your day to day driving. In some situations, the assistance systems can even help you to avoid accidents completely. It has Front Assist park , Assist blind spot sensor, Lane assist system, Adaptive cruise control and the optional high beam control 'Light Assist' function: they also make day to day driving even more convenient.

Get More out of every Journey

Make the most of your time in your T-Roc. Cutting edge Infotainment in the T-Roc keeps you up to date and enables you to make phone calls using the hands-free system, play your favorite song and even navigate to your system. And if you like, it will even listen to your every word thanks to the voice control function.

Driving Offline ? Never Again.

The Internet can be pretty handy - in your T-Roc too.. The optional Car-Net Guide & Inform and Car-Net App-Connect packages have plenty to offer to make day-to-day life and extraordinary circumstances even easier.

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